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The Story Behind PaperWorks

I was walking through the mall in Houston, TX one afternoon with my Mom. There was an arts & crafts fair going on and we happened to walk up to a lady that was selling "embossing" kits, ideal for making your own greeting cards. It looked interesting, and lucky for me, my Mom agreed to buy me one. That embossing kit would soon become my "video game" as I played with it for hours. 

Fast forward 8 years and I had accumulated boxes and boxes of supplies all dedicated to make greeting cards. I was fully stocked with specialty paper, glitter, glue pens, paper punchers, and much more. I also started accumulating a stack of handmade greeting cards that I had made but was too attached to  give away. When I finally did give one my cards away to a friend, their expression was priceless! And that's when I dreamed about one day selling handmade cards. 

It wasn't until a few years later though that I found the courage to act upon this dream. I finally just did it, and here we are with PaperWorks! I hope you may experience the joy of giving and/or receiving a PaperWorks card...
Vaishaly Shah