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What is PaperWorks?
PaperWorks specializes in making handmade greetings. Whether it’s your roommates’ cat’s birthday or a party invite with a periwinkle and gold color theme, PaperWorks can create a custom order that's just right. Contact Us for what you’re looking for. We like to describe the handmade cards as fun, happy and unique. And satisfaction is always 100% guaranteed. 

​How much is a PaperWorks membership? And, what do I get for being a member?
A membership for PaperWorks is $10/month. As a member, you will receive the following:
  • 2 handmade greeting cards (approximately 4' x 5') every month
  • 2 quality envelopes every month
  • Tax, Shipping & Handling are included
  • 10% discount on future bulk orders
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

Why should I sign-up?
Remember the last time you were on your way to a birthday party and had to make a quick stop to pick up that last minute birthday card that you almost forgot to get? You're roaming around the store trying to make a decision and finally settle on a card that's mediocre at best. Well, those situations tend to happen way too often, whether it's for a birthday, a graduation or a baby shower. With a PaperWorks membership, you don't need to worry about that anymore because you'll have handmade cards sent to your home each month! It saves you time, money and let's face it, the cards are WOW.

What type of cards will I get each month as a member? And when will I receive them?
The overall design of the cards can be described as modern, clean and festive. As a member, you will receive 2 greeting cards every month - we like to keep the actual ones you get a surprise, but they will range from the following types:
  • Birthday
  • Anniversary
  • Thank You
  • Nature
  • Congratulatory (baby, wedding, graduation)
  • Festive/Themed (holidays, valentine's, mother's/father's day)

You can visit the Gallery to see the amazing selection of handmade cards. 

Greeting cards will be shipped within the first week of every month, so you should receive your cards by the first 15 days of the month (US only).

Can I request the type of greeting cards I want as a part of my membership?
No, you cannot request a specific type of greeting card to receive for particular months of your membership. If you’re interested in a handmade card for a particular occasion, you can always visit the Shop and select cards for your need. You can also Contact Us if you are interested in a customized order. 

My friends/family are signing up a PaperWorks membership too. Does this mean we all will get the same greeting cards?
No, not necessarily. Because PaperWorks has several handmade designs for each month, members will receive a random selection. Although there may be a few members that receive the same design in a given month, this is not the case for everyone.

Can I stop my membership at anytime?
Unfortunately, yes, you can stop your membership at anytime. Simply select the button below.