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The types of greeting cards you receive will be a surprise, but they will range from the following categories:
  • Birthday
  • Anniversary
  • Thank You
  • Nature
  • Congratulatory (baby, wedding, graduation)
  • Festive/Themed (holidays, valentine's, mother's/father's day)

All cards are blank inside. The cards will impress those special enough to receive one, and satisfaction is 100% guaranteed
Check out the Gallery to see the different styles and types of cards you may receive. 

Shipments are mailed out the first week of each month. 
Tax is included.
A Monthly PaperWorks Membership Includes:

2 amazing handmade greeting cards
2 quality envelopes
Free occasional handmade goodies
Free shipping
In Case You Were Wondering...​
US only. 
Upon purchase please ensure 
your shipping address is updated.